Freedom Leisure Finance is a full AFIA member and has a proud track record of over 15 years as a licensed lender. We can help improve football clubs’ player participation and cash flow by providing players with an easy way to pay for their fees through Freedom Pay.

Our services come at no cost to the clubs. We will charge ZERO MERCHANT FEES and require no holdbacks.

Freedom Pay is our innovative Buy Now Pay Later product. Players and parents can pay their fees with interest-free instalments and choose their repayment schedule over the repayment period. Freedom Pay approvals are instant.

Why Freedom is good for Football Clubs

No cost to your club

Our services come at no cost to your club. We charge zero merchant fees and require no holdbacks.

Easy for your players to apply

You players or parents can apply online with our quick and easy application, approval is instant.

Minimal costs to your players

Players can apply for up to $1,000 and make interest free repayments, with a small monthly fee while their account remains open.

More cash flow and less stress

We take the stress and hassle out of the payment of player registration which can provide increased profitability to your club.

Get paid quickly

100% of all player registration and merchandise fees are paid to your club at zero cost and no additional fees within 24 hours.

Support for you and your players

We provide your club with simple, easy to follow digital marketing, and Freedom supportS your players with any questions they may have.

I Want To Know More

Our Proposal to Football Clubs

Our proposal is focussed on providing a facility for all players that enables them to pay their season’s fees in interest free instalments. The club will receive all the fees up front, which will improve cash flow. Freedom will collect, which eliminates the club’s collection headache. Families will be able to stretch their payments out, giving them cash flow relief.

  • Freedom Pay would offer up to $1,000 as a facility for club members.
  • Players and parents would access the application online, with a dedicated process pre-set with the packages on offer (e.g. season’s playing fee, fee plus kit package etc)
  • The application is quick and easy
  • Approval is instant
  • Supporters make interest free repayments (with a small monthly fee while their account remains open)
  • They can choose from flexible repayment timeframes that work for them (up to 7 months)
  • Freedom pays clubs within 24 hours of approval
  • Customers can apply for any amount between $100 and $1,000 through Freedom Pay. All the customer needs to apply is a valid credit or debit (Master or Visa) card.

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